Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Purivios, Cuadernos de Manuel Montalvo

España, 2000 - 2009

(This evening, on Tumblr, Chang Diaz expressed her frustration with the professional art world in assigning a subsidiary role for this particular Spanish artist and the difficulty of finding information on his work that didn’t link him to Rosemarie Trockle.  I tried to use my particular skills in research to see if I might slightly rectify the situation.  I started by searching in Spanish and was able to find a little information.  I have translated part of one article and printed it below, using google translate and my limited knowledge of Spanish.  I hope this helps a little.  The following was written by Graciela Garcia in October 2014)

“Manuel Montalvo died three years ago leaving behind an enormous amount of work as eclectic as the diaries below.  He was a simple and affable man who was born into a wealthy family and was never interested in the conventional lifestyle. To satisfy his father he began to study law and philosophy but lasted only one year and then returned to devote himself to his creative impulses.  He was always seen with pencil stubs and crayons in his pockets and he painted on any surface, he used saliva if he had no water.  One of his brothers, who best understood him, insists that drew wonderfully fast.  One day he gave him a catalog of Goya at 11 at night and Manuel returned it the next morning riddled with drawings on each page.
While still completely self-taught, he was in contact with several Spanish artists and showed great promise as an artist from the age of 20.  His work is pure play that flirted with all sorts of styles and did not follow any one and consequently he did not fit into the art world. He became interested in the gallery Juana Mordo but, despite having talent, Manuel was undisciplined and panoramic, hardly compatible with the art market.”

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