Thursday, June 1, 2017

Miguel Temon y Joey Rico

in Bareback Fucking
recorded by Ben Baird
for SXVideo
San Diego CA 2014

Yesterday was Miguel's birthday and as I daydreamed of him I focused on this particular scene he did with another favorite model, Joey Rico.  It took several years for me to fully appreciate the particular beauty of their coupling.  On first viewing they seemed to lack the ardor I'd hoped their meeting would bring, but gradually I came to enjoy the unexpected coolness of the encounter.  Both of them presents himself as a heterosexual who is performing in this arena solely for the sake of its quick monetary rewards.  Miguel is usually cast as the top and Joey as the bottom in these scenes and here they perform their expected roles.  Miguel has only worked for one company while Joey has performed under three or four aliases for innumerable studios.  There's no frantic grappling involved in their coming together.  It's all surprisingly gentle without insult or power plays.  It appears to be as they wanted it to be: for both of them are rigidly hard throughout and express their pleasure without the usual affectation, with which such performers are generally forced to emote.   The result is the rarest of porn videos: one that seems as honestly enjoyable for its performers as it is for its viewers.

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