Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nuestra Amiga la Luna

dirigido por Cesar Velasco Broca 
una producción de Bravo Tango Zulu y Terranova 
India, Suiza y España

Following a six year hiatus, during which time he spent some three years in India (having claimed that he'd retired,) Velasco Broca returned to film making with this 15 minute b&w 16mm short.  Below is the official synopsis, though it can only begin to suggest the breadth of the imagery presented.

Hadji is a disabled young Hindu man who lives humbly, close to the river Ganges. After losing what little he had, he is accepted as a disciple by a strange spiritual leader of Russian origin. This alliance will lead them to some bizarre incidents that will have consequences throughout the other parts of the West.

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