Saturday, June 24, 2017

Twin Peaks: the Return part 7 there’s a Body all right! (Twin Peaks WA)

David Lynch & Mark Frost 
Snoqualmie WA 
& Los Angeles CA 2016

The images above come from the Twin Peaks set scenes from last Sunday’s seventh part.  Much of the action and inaction took place there this time.  It opens with an old man lost and bewildered in the wilds and carries on with pieces from Laura Palmer’s Diary, for which Hawk was sent searching by Margaret during the first part.  (Notice the persistence of the red square motif.)  Deputy Brennan seems to be letting the young Farmer off pretty lightly considering that the vehicle that ran over a small boy is parked at his place in plain sight.  Beverly brings a persistent humming to the attention of Ben Horne (and seems to confirm an intimate attraction between them.)  The floor of the Roadhouse gets swept and Bartender and Pimp Renault argues over the price of two young hookers with the representative of an important client.  (I can’t help assuming that Red was the one who ordered two.)

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