Sunday, June 18, 2017

Twin Peaks: the Return part 6 Don’t Die (Vegas)

David Lynch & Mark Frost
2016 Las Vegas NV
 Make sense of it...

Last Sunday’s section of the ongoing film was largely divided between events in Twin Peaks WA and Las Vegas NV.  An earlier post examined the event in the rural community and this one takes images from the urban desert business.  It begins with Duncan Todd receiving a message in the form of a red square, which prompts him to send a message consisting of a black dot to a small muscular hit man named Ike “the Spike,” who's given the assignment of removing the contractor who flubbed the hit on Dougie, as well as Dougie himself, with his ice pick.  Elsewhere in Vegas, Dougie marked his case files with pictographs of ladders, stairs, blobs & conduits that somehow make sense to Bushnell “Battling Bud” Mullins, his Boss. In the last two pictures Janey is about to pay off two loan sharks, forthrightly stiffing them for half the cash they figure her husband owes them.


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