Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Twin Peaks: the Return part 8 Gotta light?

David Lynch & Mark Frost 
Hollywood CA 2016



The scale of this new Twin Peaks movie is one of its most impressive qualities.  This strikes me as the most ambitious project Lynch has realized since DUNE.  It was therefore not as surprising as it once would have been to see him employing sequences straight out of his earlier masterpiece in the section that was shown this week. (The camera movement up from the roiling purple sea to the island castle and into a great slit of a window echoes the movement of the Atreides Fleet into the Spice Gas Chambers in DUNE’s great Space Folding sequence.)  Apparently this new mystical structure is the White Lodge, which up until now was only spoken of (and it looks like it could be set on Caladan.)  Once again, Lynch has the small army of technicians to make these sort of impossible spaces visible, but now with far fewer constraints.

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