Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Notorious y ASAP

recorded and photographed by Jose Medina
for BiLatinMen
Los Angeles CA

Notorious is a particularly solid yet slender young man who clearly feels some affinity for futbol and is open to displaying his formidable body for some admiration and remuneration.  One can assume that he prefers women because he uses a stroke magazine of lovely naked women to inspire him in his videos (also the ring on his left ring finger would likely indicate a marriage.)  Someone who looks like he could be his uncle, cousin or older brother sucks his dick and licks his ass in the video I remember as being his second.  The pictures I'm concentrating on here come from what I believe is his last, where he allows ASAP to try fucking him.  Most of the full video is devoted to Notorious as the activo, fucking ASAP, but the darker, more athletic and conventionally masculine guy looks pretty turned on sucking dick and getting ready to be stuck with a nice plump tool; unfortunately the preparation is more exciting than the consummation, but they're both hot enough for all that, given the beauty of both these guys, though especially the guy with the scar above his upper lip.

The rest of these pictures are related to his first video where he masturbates for Jose Medina and allows this cameraman to stroke and fondle him.  I find it pretty erotic and well worth watching; and not just for the beauty of Notorious.

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