Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Later Career Of Marcos Pirelli

I'm not sure whether the very handsome Marcos Pirelli has finished with his career in pornography or not; but it has been a few years since he last performed (at least to my knowledge.) Therefore, I thought that this was a good time to take note of a few of his notable Later Appearances.

First off there's this little gem where he plays a cop who checks out a break-in at some second rate apartment in West Hollywood. There he finds a stranded piece of British street trash, who has lost his passport while taking a shower; and seeing that the Hooligan is well endowed, Officer Marcos decides to enjoy the situation, the Force and Duty be damned.

Here, below, our mythic hero is playing a furniture mover, and he services and is fucked by a great big pink pig of a moving van driver named Mark Slade (who starred, in his younger days, in a great many straight porn videos.)

I don't wish to give the impression that I'm at all fond of Golden Showers, but this particular offspring of Danaƫ and Zeus and his seeming enthusiasm in recreating, in this twisted form, the primal act gives me surprising pleasure (and don't the greatest pleasures somehow take us by surprise?)

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