Friday, April 8, 2011

ゴジラ aka Gojira aka Godzilla

Gojira haunted my childhood as effectively as any friendly ghost. He came to symbolize the unnecessary destruction of the population of two Japanese cities in 1945. Gojira represented the ancient forces unleashed by our poisonous modern technologies. Gojira is The Destroyer of Skyscrapers and Electrical Plants. Gojira is The Dinosaur Returned!


The Triangular Drawings, below, were made as designs for paper drinking cups, which my friend and I were going to distribute to commemorate the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima. The project progressed no further than the design stage. On the inside of the folded cup would be a reproduction of one of my drawings and on the outside would be the Japanese character for the word Mizu, which in English is Water. The most frequent request, made by the inhabitants of Hiroshima who (for however short a time) survived the bombing, was for water.

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