Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fumi In Hiroko's Skirt

A month ago Hiroko and Max and I went down to Aromas to visit Fumi Kimura. At the time, her health seemed to be improving and the visit was especially happy for all of us. Hiroko made some Japanese cabbage pancakes with sliced pork belly and noodles; and we all ate very well. It wasn't the last time I spoke with Fumi, but it was the last time I was with her. Just before we left, to return to San Francisco, Hiroko gave Fumi this lovely patchwork skirt, which she then modeled for us. After I took these two photos of her, she told me I should wait until she was better to take pictures of her. I told her not to worry: that the oxygen tubes didn't spoil her beauty; but I didn't take any more photographs of her.

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