Monday, April 11, 2011

Chano's First Cup Of The Morning

Once again, I feel the need to begin by disassociating myself from the proclivity here represented. I know I would perhaps do better not to reproduce such acts by which I'm embarrassed, but I find this particular sequence to be well made and the young man, so consumed by this activity, thoroughly engaging. These are stills from a video, which I've never watched, made (I guess) fifteen years ago by that old guy in Jalisco who uses the name of Chano.

I can only suppose that in the following stills we are meant to see the salutary effects of this delightful youth's imbibing of the golden nectar. Certainly it is an ancient custom in India to drink ones first discharge of this kind every morning. I had a very conservative employer from Bengal who followed this practice. He insisted that it was good for the heart. I wasn't aware, however, that anyone followed this custom so religiously in Mexico.


  1. Thanks again, Dale, for posting more of Chano's art. His model/actors are the best. More please

  2. Love chano's stuff. Please post more. Found this on flickr.