Monday, April 18, 2011

Zero For Conduct

The seated figures in this mural were drawn from characters in the great anarchist film Zéro de Conduite. Jean Vigo (whose father, the militant Catalan revolutionary, Miguel Almereyda, was strangled to death one night by French guards in his cell at the Fresnes Prison in 1917, when Jean was twelve years old) and Boris Kaufman (whose brother was the great Soviet Russian agitprop film poet, Dziga Vertov) made this forty four minute narrative about an uprising in a French boarding school in 1933. I believe I painted this mural in 1993. There was also a solo pantomime, which included a dance with the newspaper stuffed dummy (shown in the second photo below,) which I performed for the invited guests at the opening reception. It was one of those pieces which was seen once and then never again.

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