Thursday, April 21, 2011

La Ley Es Ilegal!

There was a performance with hand puppets and dance, and eventually a film (shot on super eight with synchronized sound) that went with this mural. Alan Minsky collaborated on the direction of the film, which was called La Ley Es Ilegal, same as the installation and show. I'm sure I'll describe and illustrate this performance in a subsequent post; but right now I need to get ready for my friend's funeral. For now, I will say that the first wall with the yellow background shows images of the human heart, as well as various flowers such as yarrow and hawthorn (commonly dried and brewed as teas) that are said to be good for it, from an old Mexican medical journal. The two blue walls show images of dragons, which decorated the tea cups I used every day at that time, either menacing or protecting a large heart.

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