Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flying Fish, Hun Hunahpú, Xibalba, Butterflies, & Bruce Lee

I can't very well pretend that there's some sort of conscious plan behind placing these paintings together. They're actually just a bunch of left-overs from various shows; but I believe they look good together and that there is some coherence to be found among them, which should gradually emerge through patient viewing. It's enough, at present, to say that the Flying Fish come from an ancient Minoan mural, that Hun Hunahpú is the father of The Hero Twins in The Popol Vuh, that Xibalba is the name of the Underworld in Maya Mythology, that Bruce Lee is standing in the bowels of the Colosseum, and that the texts surrounding his image are taken from Bruce's book: The Philosophical Art of Self Defence, and from Capital by Karl Marx. I can't (or won't try to) explain why they go together; but I'm convinced that it isn't just a simple matter of color harmonies. Then again, I may be fooling myself.

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